Recently I was invited to take part in an online survey by a national group here in Ireland.  One of the questions asked “are you a member…” and offered two answers – “yes” or “no”.  The question was also obligatory, i.e., it was not possible to proceed to the next page of the survey without answering the question.   So, given that I am a member, I answered the question “yes”.  Making such questions obligatory is a common enough practice. However, a little later, there was another question asking: “If you are not a member of [group in … Continue reading

I was talking to a client last week who is worried.  His employees have let standards slip in the speed with which they get back to customers.  It’s a little thing – but one he needs to address.  Here’s a recent post on how the little things can be important. I was reminded of my client’s issue this morning when the doorbell rang.  It was Stephen the postman with a package.  I wasn’t on a call so I opened the door and we had a quick friendly chat.  He mentioned that he had seen the windows open … Continue reading

In my business I take a close look at my financial numbers on (at least) a monthly basis.  Now I decided recently that I’d like to be able to finalise my monthly accounts on the 1st of the month.  There’s no problem getting most of the information necessary for that – including stuff like receipts, online access to my business bank account, etc.  The one missing piece is my business credit card – the statement doesn’t arrive for a further week and I don’t have online access to the transactions. Now I recently did get the hardcopy … Continue reading

A large majority (80%) of Irish Garda (Police) stations reported just one crime or less per day in 2011. Now it is undoubtedly difficult to ascertain the precise number of crimes committed – as some proportion of crimes are inevitably unreported. But the low number of crimes reported has brought into focus the question of how many Garda stations are actually required. Some argue that the low numbers of reported crime means that some of the Garda stations can be closed to help save money. Others argue the exact opposite – that the low numbers indicate successful … Continue reading

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