Case Study: Writing Case Studies for IT Services Business Showcasing How They Help Their Clients


Business IT Solutions (BITS) is an IT services & solutions company that supply and implement reliable IT Solutions and extensive IT support services to both businesses and organisations.  They provide a broad range of IT products and services to their marketplace – including Cloud, Hardware, Security and Server solutions.


The Challenge

BITS sell into a variety of sectors – Hospitality, Accountancy Firms, Radio Stations and Nursing Homes to name just a few.  Their MD, Gavin Dixon, was pleased that they were doing valuable work for these clients – but he did not want to sit on his laurels.  He wanted an effective way for other prospective clients in those sectors to be able to easily see how he was helping his clients with their IT needs.


One common way of doing this is to put a list of clients on one’s websites.  That is worthwhile – but lacks any real detail.  Another way is through testimonials – but for reasons of brevity testimonials can only really gloss over things – and tend to focus purely on the feelings of the client after the project is complete.  This results in testimonials typically lacking context, lacking background challenges, and lacking in detail on the solution and its resultant benefits.


The Solution

The solution decided upon was to produce case studies using text, graphics and photos to capture the detail of the solutions BITS have been putting in place for their clients.  BITS and SurveyGuru worked together on a standard branded template to be used.  Then it was simply a case of identifying which clients’ stories would be of most interest to BITS’ target market and of getting the agreement of those clients for their stories to be told.  The journey has begun – BITS now has a growing number of case studies – and they are being produced in an increasingly cost-effective manner as BITS and SurveyGuru continue to refine how to maximise the efficiencies of the process.


The Benefits

The case studies now highlight how BITS have positively impacted on their clients’ organisations.


The case studies are available in pdf for ease of download by prospective clients and also as printable collateral for use in sales meetings.


BITS have also rendered the case studies as individual web pages on their website in order to better harness the benefits of SEO.  It is not true to say that pdfs are useless for SEO purposes – Google can and indeed does index pdfs – but Google prefers not to as pdfs don’t have the HTML tag structure that tells Google what a page is about.


“When we decided to start purposefully using case studies as a marketing tool we looked no further than Brendan Cullen of SurveyGuru.  We already had worked with Brendan for writing some digital content for our site and it was an easy fit to involve Brendan again.  The case studies work has gone very smoothly – we discussed the project with Brendan and he was able to “get” what we meant and get our message across in a very accessible way.  It’s an extremely important part of how we engage with our clients and potential clients so it had to be presented in a very professional and straight forward way – and Brendan achieved that for our business.” Gavin Dixon, MD, BITS