Are you accountable to someone for getting things done in your business?  Do they encourage you?  Are they reliable?  Do they use a clearly defined process so that you know exactly what to expect?  Are your interactions with them regular?  Positive?


If you’ve answered “yes” to all the above then that’s a good start.


Do they avoid flattering you?  Do they hold up a clear mirror to you?  Remember the warnings against paying too much heed to friends, families & fools?


Do they help you get things done (efficiency) and also help you get the right things done (effectiveness)?  Of course it’s of significant value if someone is there while you define medium term goals – and while you break those medium term goals down into monthly and even weekly goals.  But do you have someone who knows your business well enough to be able to use their judgement on whether your goals are optimal for you?  Who’s not just following a checklist but is actually able to get into the trenches with you?  Who’s well able to challenge you – not for the sake of challenging you – but when they determine that your focus might not be best-placed?


Or how about someone who’s ready and willing to give you a hard time when it’s warranted?  To ask the “if not then why not” question?


If you’ve answered “yes” to all the above then stop reading and get on with your day.


If however you’ve answered “no” to any of the above, and if you recognise that any “no” is indicative of you needing help, then I’d love to help you.  Email me and we’ll take it from there!