Customer Satisfaction

Brendan from SurveyGuru designed a unique questionnaire for our company in view of getting feedback from the parents of the children who attended our summer camps. Brendan collected and displayed the results in an easy to use format. The feedback and analysis has provided us with invaluable information which will enhance our programmes going forward. We will definitely be working with Brendan again next summer.” (Eileen Sheehy, Let’s Go!, Cork, Ireland)


Satisfied customers spend more with you and often speak positively about you.  Building customer loyalty will help stop even satisfied customers leaving you – even if they know of a cheaper equivalent of your product or service.


So – are you listening to your customers?  Are you seeking out their opinions?


I help you seek out and hear the voice of the customer.  With this knowledge you can both capitalise on your strengths and address areas for improvement:


  • What to do more of
  • What to do less of
  • What to stop
  • What to change


Just give me a call on +353-56-7780949 or email me and we’ll take it from there!